I want one of those!

Karel Doubleday, who used her mum's blue badge so she could park close to her workplace

NEWS COMMENT: Blue badge abusers are cheating the system

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Do you find yourself looking at someone with the latest phone or digital tablet and think, I want one of those?

What about seeing some-one wearing something you like and asking yourself where they got that from.

Either way, we usually find ourselves in a situation of wanting things just because it looks interesting and is popular.

Fully aware of the fact that we don’t really need things others around us have or the fact that we can’t afford splashing out on items for our comfort, we completely forget about those who are vulnerable and not as fortunate as ourselves.

We all have different backgrounds, therefore, each of us will have different belongings, abilities and anything else that makes an impact on our lives.

Although, it is important that we don’t wish too much to have something which someone else may have.

Why? I hear you ask. As young people, if we constantly wish to have something that someone else has, then we will be distracted from doing well and earning it for ourselves.

It is important to understand that in later life, anything we wish to have is to be worked for. And we musn’t forget that there are people less fortunate than ourselves.

I often come across popular youngsters on social networking sites who wish to be ‘famous’ through the internet.

Yes, I understand this is due to the movement of technology and the whole context of social networking pages and how they work with gaining followers.

But, my ongoing concern is that those young people who aren’t as popular online as they wish to be would have a lack of confidence.

The internet can positively change and encourage lives. On the other hand, it can negatively change and destroy lives.

If you know a young person or are a young person who wishes to be well-known through the internet, then be aware.

Sixteen-year-old SAM POOLE goes to South Downs College and is the outreach officer for Portsmouth Youth Parliament. Sam lives in Milton, Portsmouth. Follow him on Twitter @shjpoole.