I want the power to change what I drive more regularly

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I believe I have an addiction to cars. You don’t know how good it is to finally admit that.

Because realising and accepting that you have a problem is half of the battle, isn’t it?

I envy those who buy a sensible car, then slowly pay it off until the day it’s theirs.

Or, instead of the balloon payment, get a new car. I’ve never owned one long enough to get that far.

In my mind, I’m always going to be paying someone each month for the privilege of having a car, so why can’t I change it when I’m bored of it? I never really want to own it.

Since I moved from the Isle of Wight to the mainland back in 1996, I have had 12 different cars.

On average, I replace my wheels every 18 months. This chopping and changing is costing me a small fortune.

Because of my love of cars, I get bored quickly. I enjoy driving and variety for me is the spice of life.

I’ve been lucky enough to own cars including BMWs, Golf GTIs, Jeeps and Honda Type Rs.

Now I really like my current car, the smart Kia Sportage SUV. I’ve owned it for just a year, yet already I’m trawling the internet for my next motor.

But I have no doubt I owe more on the Kia than it’s worth. So how do I get my next automotive fix?

Here’s my idea. You pay a set amount each month and get to choose between a selection of cars according to their value.

For example, £250 a month gets you a Ford Focus. But after six months when you’re bored with it you can swap it for a VW Golf.

Pay £400 a month and have a BMW 3-series. Then, when you’ve grown tired of that, swap it for a Mercedes C-Class.

I bet there are many people like me who don’t care if they actually own a car or not, knowing they will always be paying for one.

With that in mind, I’d like to have the power to change what I drive even more regularly.

So if you have the money, feel free to steal my idea.

I know you’ll be on to a winner and, at the same time, you’ll by fixing my addiction!