I wanted her to go first so I could see her bottom wiggle

Steve's baby daughter made amazing progress this week, or so his wife thought

STEVE CANAVAN: It was a lot of rattle over just a little roll

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It was my wife Sarah’s birthday on Monday and I bought her a new bike.

I remember a while back her watching enviously when she saw a lady riding a retro bike with a basket on the front.

So last Saturday it arrived. A Dawes Princess, complete with front basket!

I was most impressed when she said she wanted us to cycle to her parents in Locks Heath. Not even the strong wind blowing her long brunette hair horizontal could break her enthusiasm.

And for me, the real enjoyment came on Titchfield Hill.

Was it wrong of me to make her lead? I told her it was so she could dictate the pace. But the truth was I wanted to watch her bottom wiggle as she stood up out of the saddle.