I was so thrilled when credits rolled and I saw my name

STEVE CANAVAN: Take note of why I love this country so much

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Did anyone get time to watch William And Kate: Baby Makes Three on Channel Five on Thursday night?

It was on at 8pm and starred yours truly. Admittedly if you blinked, you’d have missed me as I was only on for a few seconds, three times throughout the documentary. But I was there!

It was my UK producing debut too, so I was thrilled when the credits rolled and there was ‘Producer: Cheryl Gibbs’.

It’s not very often I’m really proud of what I’ve done – I’m one of those who beats themselves up about what they haven’t done.

But I admit I did feel proud. I didn’t realise until I was filming the enormous impact this new baby is going to have on the world and indeed the monarchy as a whole.