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Since we got back from our travels I’ve been forbidden to moan about a variety of things, such as the weather, or the fact I miss being away or mention that I could really do with a break.

As you can imagine (quite rightly I guess) my friends and family don’t sympathise with my cause.

That said it doesn’t mean that since we returned in March I haven’t fancied getting away for a day or two – I’m only human.

By pure coincidence the opportunity presented itself last week when I enrolled in a two-day broadcast editing course in Hertfordshire. Deciding that I really should widen my skills I booked the course on a whim.

Now, Hertfordshire is just under two hours away so I could have returned home after Day 1, but given that the course didn’t finish until 4.30pm I decided to check into a hotel. So I booked a one-night stay at a stunning Georgian country manor in St Albans.

Matt had work so couldn’t come with me, but I decided that a one-night stay on my lonesome might just be the perfect r’n’r break I was after – and indeed I’m sure Matt thought the same. Given that he spent the entire night on his X-Box and ordered a takeaway, it seemed he didn’t quite miss me as much as I had hoped.

I booked in for a neck, back and shoulder massage, relaxed in the Jacuzzi, went for a swim and chilled out in my suite before heading to the restaurant for a tantalising three-course meal.

Admittedly, sitting in a restaurant alone wasn’t the ideal prospect. I always really feel sorry for people sat in a bar or restaurant alone and generally feel like I should offer them a cuddle or an ear to talk to. But hey ho, I took my book and decided there were worse things than dining alone in a beautiful restaurant with only the bread basket for company.

When I returned to the course the next day a fellow attendee said how different I appeared compared to the previous day.

When I told them about my stay at the country manor and the spa, he said ‘good for you. We did wonder if you were ok yesterday – you looked so worn out and well… drab.’

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that so I didn’t, but thank you Sopwell House.