If attack’s on the cards, then wouldn’t you want a missile?

Stephen Morgan MP

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan: Hectic start, but election is just the beginning

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While I might be a little nervous to find air-to-ground missiles installed on my rooftop, I thought those London residents challenging the Ministry of Defence over the matter were being a tad selfish.

If the MoD reckons that’s the best place to put its weapons to prevent a potential terrorist strike, then who are we to argue?

It’s not like the defence chiefs had sanctioned anything that would cause these residents harm. In fact, if there’s going to be an attack, you might be better protected if there is a massive rocket attached to your roof.

I just hope the MoD also has a stash of missiles/security plans that they haven’t told everyone about, because giving away all the locations does sound a little daft.

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