If I’m so busy, then I won’t have any time for cleaning

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My new year resolution is to do more with my afternoons.

Starting work at 5.15am means I get to go home at around 1pm, which is brilliant.

My wife needs to stop letting her car run so low on fuel that every time I get in it the warning light comes on!

However, I find that because I’m so tired I tend to have a snooze which ends up taking up most of the afternoon.

Other than nipping to the supermarket or tidying the house, I don’t really get a lot done.

I’m so lucky to have this time to myself and I really should be using it better, so I reckon for 2016 I should go to bed earlier so I don’t need a nap.

Then I could have a project to work on during the afternoons.

I love sewing but I never really bother to get my sewing machine out, so that’s definitely one thing that I’d like to do more of.

Also, like a lot of people, I have a load of photos lying around on my laptop doing nothing.

I really need to sit down and sort through them, then I can put together some proper photo albums.

We’re back to work on Monday so that’s when I’ll start in earnest.

And if I’m so busy with all these projects, unfortunately I’ll no longer have time for cleaning.

What a shame!

Jez: So a new year has arrived and it’s time to come up with a list of resolutions,.

Well I’m not going to bother.

But I’ll still expect my kids to make and keep some resolutions.

Firstly, I expect my 12-year-old son to promise to always do his homework without complaining.

I also want him to limit time spent on the XBox to only two hours per day.

Finally I want him to start taking Daisy, our Patterdale terrier, for walks.

It feels like I’m the only person who walks her, so this year I expect other people to step up.

As for my eight-year-old daughter, I expect her to happily agree to take a bath or a shower every other day.

Normally she has a tantrum when we suggest she has a bath.

Finally my wife needs to stop letting her car run so low on fuel that every time I get in it the warning light comes on!