If I was Matthew, I’d have a feeling of immortality

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Apart from Pope John Paul II, who at one stage I suspected was part-robot, there has never been a person who I thought may not be completely human.

Until, that is, I saw a news story about 25-year-old Matthew Hawksley. I’m now convinced this man may be part-feline.

That’s because so far in his life, he has cheated death eight times!

It all started whilst on a working holiday in Ireland when he and friends decided to tombstone off a pier into water that was just a metre deep and containing sharp rocks. Matthew broke his neck.

By a massive stroke of luck, there happened to be a medical team and nurse in the near vicinity, who kept him alive until the ambulance arrived.

If having lungs full of water and a smashed neck wasn’t bad enough, his heart stopped four times on the way to hospital.

I reckon someone in his family may have a hotline straight to the big man up in the sky, because their prayers were answered when he woke from a coma five weeks later.

Matthew then confounded doctors, who thought he’d never walk again, by starting to take small steps.

But his rehab took a turn for the worse when he caught the deadly MRSA bug.

Then for good measure he caught pneumonia as well.

Whatever he did in a previous life, it was certainly intent on catching up with him.

Because whilst he was recovering from MRSA and pneumonia, he was then diagnosed with testicular cancer.

His right testicle was removed and he’s since been given the all-clear.

If Lex Luthor threw all this at Superman in the first film, would we have seen any sequels?

I think Matthew must have been busy collecting horseshoes and rabbit feet and, in his spare time, tending fields of four-leafed clovers.

He now plans to raise money for spinal injury and cancer charities by running, swimming and cycling.

Thankfully diving wasn’t mentioned.

He said he feels like the ‘unluckiest, luckiest man in Britain’.

If I was him, I reckon I’d have a feeling of immortality.