If only he found the remote for the TV just as confusing

No crib for a... sausage roll

ZELLA COMPTON: A 21st century curse – how does a family manage the TV recorder?

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I have a question. How is it that Facebook is so intuitive and yet so hard for some people to get to grips with?

I’m talking here about my husband who, whenever he posts, gets me to sign in under my account.

That’s so that he can check what his message looks like, who can see it, whether he has shared it properly and, if so, where.

This is deeply worrying for me as I’ve always assumed that he will be the one who shoulders the burden of responsibility for dealing with technology as we get older.

But if this is how it is now, what will he be like in 10, 20 years’ time?

If only he found the TV remote control as confusing – that would end his quest to watch everything at once.