If the train lady wants a fight, then I’m going to give her one

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I’m telling you, there’s war on the train.

I’m back at ITN this week, this time making mini digital videos of the royal family to celebrate Prince George’s upcoming first birthday celebrations.

There’s this one lady who gets on at Petersfield station – she’s a right moo and I now feel that conflict is raging.

I do try to respect my elders but this lady takes the biscuit.

For starters she never smiles or says hello and yet sits next to me every day.

Now she’s taken to sitting so that she’s spilling over into my area.She also takes over our joint arm rest and is just rude.

I was polite and accepting at first – after all she’s at least 25 years older than me. But not any more. If she wants a fight (not literally), I’m going to give her one.