If you can’t say ‘welsh’, does that mean ‘scotch’ is next?

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The following comes under the heading of ‘just when you think this country couldn’t get any more ridiculous...’

Education Secretary Michael Gove used the long-established and perfectly inoffensive term ‘welsh’ in the Commons, meaning a failure to fulfil an obligation.

Up popped the Speaker to ask that he withdraw the expression and alter it to ‘renege’ for fear of offending the Celts (unaware, apparently, that it can also be spelled ‘welch’)

I regret to say Gove (who is actually married to a Welsh woman) complied with this preposterous request.

Does this mean parliamentarians will not now be able to use the word ‘scotch’ (as in ‘to bring an abrupt end to’) without attracting this silly little man’s condemnation?