Ignoring the old customers doesn’t make much sense

A hard lesson to learn for inspirational transplant girl

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It really, really gets my goat when I miss out on good deals. Here’s an example. Last week I was in Blockbuster taking out a couple of movies as buying them through Virgin on the telly costs twice as much and my Lovefilm account still doesn’t want to function after numerous phone calls and weeks of toing and froing.

So I am making the effort to get to Blockbusters. But this isn’t new. I have been utilising its services ever since I moved to Gosport, so that’s around seven years.

I’m not sure how much I have spent there, but it must add up to quite a bit in all that time when you include the rentals, popcorn, bucketloads of fizzy pop and quite a few secondhand DS games to boot.

So imagine my annoyance when, while standing at the counter paying over my hard-earned cash, I see a woman come in to register for her two weeks of FREE movies?

What has she done to deserve this gift? Nothing, except for not going there before.

I have been more or less loyal, have paid my late fees, have done everything I can to use the business and what do I get? I get the offer of being entered into a free draw.

Which, I hasten to add, I had to give my e-mail address for. I’ve already started to receive the endless marketing messages as as a result. But you’ve already got me, so why bother?

It’s not just Blockbuster though, is it? Telephone deals, bank deals, car insurance deals. So many companies are at it. Ignore the old customers and only look after the new is the latest policy, which doesn’t make much sense in our present economic mess.

Compare this to Boots and the Advantage card. Now that’s a decent deal. You spend money, you get points back, which equal money to spend in store.

That keeps me loyal because, even though some items are a few pence cheaper at the shop across the street, I know that in a month or so’s time, I will have earned myself a rather fine nail varnish or lipstick for my custom.

Will I go back to Blockbuster? Probably, but only until I find some other reliable way to deliver my choice of films into the living room for a reasonable price.