Increasing parking costs isn’t helping

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I’d like to tell you that, last Friday, standing in front of the parking meter in St Paul’s Road, Southsea in sweet little old lady mode, I murmured: ‘Oh fancy that, the parking charges have increased.’

But I’d be telling porky pies. Because when I saw the parking charges had gone up to £1.60 for ONE hour, I ranted in OAP-with-attitude mode: ‘You thieving ********, that’s daylight robbery.’

Then, two days later in the Avenue de Caen, I found the parking charges had also been increased.

Considering businesses are closing down in Southsea shopping precinct, you’d think Portsmouth City Council would do something to encourage shoppers, not put up parking charges.

On a positive note, entrance to Southsea Castle is free and it was great to see it packed on bank holiday Monday.

Pixie points for that, PCC.