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Seventeen-year-old SAM POOLE goes to South Downs College and lives at Eastney, Portsmouth. Follow him on Twitter 

On Sunday evening I watched Doris Long abseil down the Spinnaker Tower.

On her 100th birthday, the determined lady known as ‘daring Doris’ took on the challenge to raise funds for the Rowans Hospice.

ITV’s Fred Dinenage joined in with what seemed to be a brave but nervous attitude.

As I comfortably sat outside having lunch, I was amazed by the fact that I was watching somebody a century old doing an abseil.

It was a moment in history, with the Guinness Book of World Records waiting to confirm it all.

The atmosphere was awesome. The surrounding support of hundreds of people, a brass band and continuous applause really made the moment special. It was a greatl birthday present for Doris.

After that, Happy Birthday was sung by the public. It was a great day for an abseil too – the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in sight.

As soon as she finished, Doris addressed the crowd with a beaming smile and a big wave and began to jump up and down with joy.

It was inspiring to see someone at what would stereotypically be such a vulnerable age remains so positive towards it all.

It really highlighted the amazing opportunities we can experience throughout life.

Some young people may assume that those at an elderly age (especially 100) would be incapable of fending for themselves. However Doris broke every boundary.

She has shown people that 
no matter what your age, just go for it.

Looking into the future, I hope that there will be many avenues open to each of us. But I must admit I can’t see myself doing anything as challenging as Doris at 100 (if I get there).

Doris represents the importance of remaining optimistic, healthy and committed.

One thing I have learnt from Daring Doris is to live each day as it comes, understanding that we can achieve.

As well as this, I believe that there are many young people who lack self-confidence.

I hope that Doris’s achievements will motivate people and change many outlooks.