Is one lot of smelly socks and Sky Sports sufficient?

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Muslim women have all the fun’, says my single friend, who is fond of a controversial opening gambit.

She’s reading a broadsheet article about high-flying British Muslim women. Apparently some are resorting to polygamous marriages due to a lack of interest from equally-educated Muslim men.

When the alpha male of their dreams prefers to marry a homemaker, some of these career women consider becoming her ‘co-wife’. Many reportedly even use the arrangement to resolve their childcare issues.

My single friend knows all about a shortage of men. She’s tried speed dating, carpentry classes and even the TA…until a trip to Afghanistan loomed. All’s fair in love and war, she said, but she didn’t care to mix the two. But she’s warming to the idea of polygamy.

‘How jammy would that be?’, she says. ‘The other wife scrubs the bath and rears the kids, while I take care of city breaks and sparkling banter.’

‘But what if the existing wife isn’t a masochistic homebody with OCD?’, I ask.

‘Wouldn’t you be taking on a life-long power struggle?’

She shrugs.

‘Nothing’s perfect. Give and take.’

This isn’t the first instance of western women buying into polygamy. Fundamentalist Mormon women take to the streets in America to defend their right to ‘sister wives’.

But however wealthy or powerful we women become, you still don’t hear of the arrangement being reversed. Even Liz Taylor, who clocked up eight marriages, was quite punctilious about doing it one at a time.

Could it be that one set of smelly socks and Sky Sports fixtures is adequate for most women? I suggest my friend finds a less radical answer to her man drought.

A week later, the phone rings.

‘I have the solution’, she announces.

‘I’ve organised a work exchange to China. Due to the one child policy, they will have 30 million more men than women of marriageable age by 2020. Now those are odds I can work with!’

At this point I break off because Him Indoors has paused Sky Sports to ask if his supper is ready.