It doesn’t look like Katy’s love life has improved that much

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There’s another splitville in Hollywood.

Roar singer Katy Perry and her beau John Mayer have reportedly called time on their relationship.

To be honest, it comes as no real surprise given that John has been linked with, well, just about everyone in showbiz.

I really don’t understand the fascination with him. Okay, so he’s not bad looking in a rugged ‘I’m really trying to be cool’ kind of way.

But if he wasn’t famous I bet most of us wouldn’t give him a second glance if we saw him in the street.

Poor Katy, it doesn’t look like her love life has improved that much since her split from Russell Brand.

I may not be famous, but at least I have a good man at my side – I’d take that over fame and fortune any day.