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When Karen Murphy first set out on this journey she could never have known where it would lead.

At the beginning, she was determined to stand up for what she believed to be right, never dreaming that doing so would take her to the European Court of Justice.

But, as she now nears the end of her six-year fight, she has every reason to feel proud of what she has accomplished.

When Sky wanted to charge her around £700 a month to screen football matches in her Southsea pub, she bought a foreign decoder instead. That saved her money and allowed her to screen games at the Red, White and Blue, but it also pitched her against two opponents with real clout – the Premier League and Sky.

And so began an expensive and lengthy process that saw her take on a complicated legal fight, spanning courtrooms and even countries.

We’re sure she must have felt daunted at times. Here she was, one pub landlady taking on the muscle of some very powerful organisations.

But standing up for what she believes in has led her to the brink of making legal history and that could have a serious knock-on effect for the future.

If our own High Court upholds the ruling, it will blow the highly-lucrative broadcasting market open to competition.

Mrs Murphy insists it’s a victory for the ‘little people’ and her story certainly has a touch of the David versus Goliath about it.

Many football fans have felt that the beautiful game has been tainted by the world of big business. They long to see the sport they’re so passionate about return to its grass roots.

At its heart, football is about bringing people together to cheer on the teams that unite them.

To others, it’s a multi-million pound industry. But what Mrs Murphy has achieved will now force through questions about how that is managed in the future.

Whatever your view on that is, what she’s done deserves to be highlighted. And as the news sinks in, we’re sure many of her regulars will want to raise their glass to her and shout ‘cheers’.