It’s her voice that matters, not her physical dimensions

Clive Smith says he would not like to arm wrestle athlete Caster Semenya 		Picture: Martin Rickett/PA Wire

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Karl Lagerfeld is described as a ‘fashion guru.’

That’s the name given to someone who thinks they know how the rest of us should dress.

The qualifications for the role appear to be a big mouth, a small mind and a willingness to wear clothes which look avant garde on young men, but that are distinctly weird on those well into their 79th year.

Mr Lagerfeld is a man who barely registered on my personal radar, until he started criticising the singer Adele for being ‘too fat.’

This woman is the finest pop chanteuse to grace these islands since Dusty Springfield.

Quite honestly, her physical dimensions should be as irrelevant to the rest of us as they are to her.