It’s important to keep sight of your dream

Bruno Mars

RICK JACKSON: We got back at 3am, but I’m so glad we saw Bruno

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Folks, I like to keep in touch with what the UK sisterhood are up too.

So once a year I buy four weekly, girlie, magazines. I know. Big spender, eh?

And every year it’s the same old stuff: diets, diets, diets, wipe out the wrinkles and some stories.

It was all very similar to my 2011/2010 magazines – except for one story.

Once a week Lisa, 44, a wife and mum, ignores her wobbly bits and gets dolled-up in glitzy gear to unleash her inner rock goddess and front a band. How fabbo.

In our youth-obsessed society, we more mature persons can become invisible and blend into the brickwork as we’re not considered interesting enough.

But we still need to strive for our goals.

Otherwise, you’ll know that you’re middle-aged if your memories are more important than your dreams.

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