It’s not a storm until you’ve seen a presenter get soaked

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Forget a degree in meteorology. There’s a far more practical skill you’ll need if you ever want to be a weather presenter.

As the recent storms have proved, if you’re not prepared to get wet, you’re not fit to carry the job title. Who knows why, it’s just one of those quirks of broadcasting.

We all know it’s blowing a gale and the rain might be ready to shatter the windows.

But if it’s your job to tell people what the weather is doing, it’s traditional for you to find the nearest sea wall and stand next to it – just as a particularly large wave gets ready to break, thereby guaranteeing a good soaking.

You’re also required to hold an inside-out umbrella in a force 10 just to prove it’s windy while advising the rest of us that it’s probably best to cancel all plans and stay in.