It’s not just the long breaks our MPs and children share

The drivers' dispute might be over, but at what cost?

CLIVE SMITH: The dressing-up corner is now no longer safe from the PC brigade

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Like schoolchildren, our MPs have now broken up for the summer break.

And just like squabbling pupils they’ve been quick to take sides against Rupert Murdoch over News International’s phone hacking scandal.

Their collective response was strange though wasn’t it?

Before the tide had turned they were queuing up to stay non-committal on Murdoch.

Anyone remember how Vince Cable was shot down when he expressed his thoughts about the ancient media tycoon and his plans for BSkyB?

But – like kids in a playground – strength in numbers has now made them brave enough to turn their backs.

Shame they didn’t do that earlier. It would have made their united outrage a little more believable.