It’s time that somebody came up with a cure for hayfever

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It’s about time someone invented a cure for hayfever.

Seriously, what is the point of turning into a raging sneezeball every summer?

It’s hardly Attack of the Killer Pollen every time June rocks up, so there’s no point in unleashing such a huge reaction as a first line of defence.

Ever since I was born I’ve had hayfever, and even now my allergy to tree and grass pollen will have me scuttling indoors on the nicest days to reach for pills, sprays, inhalers and tissues.

I know the pollen won’t kill me, but my reaction to it might as my throat closes over to stop the evil grains getting to my lungs.

Many a time I’ve had to sit in a darkened room with a flannel over my swollen face. And I wonder why I’m single!