It’s time to dust off my old fishtail parka

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I love 1960s scooters and one of my favourite films is Quadrophenia, the story of one young man’s chaotic personal journey at the heart of the Mod scene, written by rock legends The Who.

Whilst filming Cash In The Celebrity Attic, I met actress Carol Harrison, most recently remembered for playing Martine McCutcheon’s mum in EastEnders.

Carol has been in many other British TV shows, including Minder, A Touch of Frost, Casualty, Kavanagh QC, London’s Burning and even Z-Cars.

But I was most impressed to discover she was in Quadrophenia, albeit in a small role given to her by her then brother-in-law Bill Curbishley, footballer Alan Curbishley’s brother and manager and producer of The Who.

Bill had offered her a part as a rocker, but as a Modette she flatly refused and accepted a smaller role as a record shop assistant who briefly engages the film’s leading man Jimmy, played by actor Phil Daniels.

As well as being in the film, she’d hung out with the band on numerous occasions.

Carol‘s an accomplished writer and is currently working on a new musical about the life of Mod band The Small Faces, titled All Or Nothing.

Carol has worked tirelessly on this project for well over five years and it amazes me how much passion, hard work, determination and money it requires to launch a new show or musical.

I’ve been invited to attend the first public performance of the musical on September 13 at The Pavilion Theatre, Worthing and conduct a charity auction.

So I’ll be polishing the loafers and dusting off the fishtail parka. There are some scenes in the show involving real 1960s scooters, so naturally I’ve offered the use of mine.

For more information, visit Carol’s All Or Nothing A Musical Facebook page.