It’s up to mums to decide if breast is best for their family

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First there were incentives to lose weight, now there are incentives to get new mums to breastfeed.

Up to £200 will be given to new mums, with nurses and midwives asked to verify that breastfeeding is happening.

And how, exactly, will they do that? Demand a demonstration whether baby is hungry or not? Count the number of cabbage leaves left in the freezer?

So far it’s only a pilot scheme, and who knows if it’ll persuade more people to breastfeed.

But seriously, isn’t it time the government realised that we should be responsible for our own bodies and how we use them? Mums know the benefits of breastfeeding, but it’s a very personal thing – and not always the right thing to do. They have enough to worry about without this too.