Jen should be thankful for the ‘do’ that made her known

COMMENT: Going above and beyond is all in a day’s work at QA

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If Jennifer Aniston ever wants a change of career, then she knows what she’ll be doing – hairdressing!

Not quite what I imagined the Hollywood A-lister would be keen on pursuing.

But according to her recent interview in Allure magazine, Jen admits she’s a bit of a pro when it comes to styling.

What’s even more surprising is her revelation that she despised her famous ‘Rachel’ do, which catapulted her to fame in the 90s and made girls all over the world (including me) take pictures of her into a hairdresser.

We would demand the same cut as Jen, then get annoyed that it just didn’t seem the same.

Personally I think she should be grateful. That hairstyle helped to put her in another league from her Friends co-stars.