Jez: If behaviour continues, I’ll have to ground my mum

Karel Doubleday, who used her mum's blue badge so she could park close to her workplace

NEWS COMMENT: Blue badge abusers are cheating the system

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I realised the other day that as our parents get older an interesting role reversal occurs.

My mother is pretty sprightly at 74, but recently she was unlucky enough to be rushed into hospital suffering with appendicitis.

She underwent surgery and was then told to expect a 10-day recovery on the hospital ward.

I spent a couple of afternoons visiting her and keeping her company, but was then stunned to discover that after only 48 hours my mother had informed the doctors she was discharging herself and going home.

She had arranged for my father to come and collect her. I told her she’d been irresponsible and foolish.

If this rebellious behaviour continues, I’ll have to ground her.