Jez: Life would be so much less of a faff if I was bald

Jez taking part in the Be Bald Be Free Day

Jez taking part in the Be Bald Be Free Day

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We recently celebrated Be Bald and Free Day. I mentioned to Lou that part of me wished I was bald. I have a full head of long, thick hair and it grows quickly. I tend to visit the barber every six weeks for a cut and blow dry and the barber is always shocked at how long it’s become.

This routine is bit of a faff and bit too high maintenance for me. Bald men never go to the barber and also have the luxury of getting out of bed and not needing a comb or hairbrush. Also, when I exercise I find my head gets very hot and sweaty so I’m forced to wear a headband.

Lou took my wish a bit too literally and next day turned up with a bald cap so I could live as a bald man for a day. I suppose I should be glad she didn’t show up with clippers and give me a buzz cut.

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