Just how could a healthy adult consider drinking breast milk?

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RICK JACKSON: Why aren’t we on the streets protesting about Brexit?

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People are weird.

As I get older I wonder if there’s any such thing as normal. One recent story takes the biscuit. Or the rusk. It said the black market in breast milk is so big university researchers have issued a health warning.

This isn’t a new version of wet nurses, but a trade for cancer patients convinced it will boost their immune system, for bodybuilders addled by too much creatine, and, of course, by fetishists. According to the researchers, 93 per cent of the milk has ‘detectable levels’ of bacteria which, while probably harmless to most people, won’t help cancer patients with compromised immune systems.

As for the bodybuilders and the fetishists – my mind is boggled. How could a healthy adult even consider drinking it.