Kids were unconvinced by my idea of creating ‘unlucky dip’

Children adore being spoilt by their grandparents, but is it too much?

VERITY LUSH: Don’t blame gran for kids munching on e-numbers

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Stuck for something to do this Saturday? If you fancy a fun afternoon, it’s Alverstoke’s Michaelmas fair.

We go every year and it’s a spectacular muddle of second hand goods, home baking stalls and lovely bits of jewellery.

I always mean to have a stall and this year tried to persuade the children to help me man an ‘unlucky dip’ – with used batteries, old TV remotes and toe-nails as the prizes.

They were unconvinced by this concept – I thought we’d reap in the cash – so as usual I’ll be whiling away the afternoon trying desperately to manage down the numbers of secondhand cuddly toys which will no doubt be coming home.

But that aside, if the weather’s good, it’s definitely worth a visit.