Lads, swallow your pride and leave it to the professionals

STEVE CANAVAN: Take note of why I love this country so much

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Why is it that men are expected to be good at DIY and considered failures if they’re not?

I can paint walls and put up pictures and once I even made a passable coffee table at night school. But don’t ever expect me to sort out plumbing, touch electrics or do anything involving specialist practical skills.

That’s why I sympathise with Barry Witham, whose wife has banned him from doing any more DIY after he stabbed himself while fitting a carpet and while repairing loudspeakers, plus brought a ceiling crashing down as he tried to repair a light fitting.

We feel pressured into doing all this stuff because our dads could, plus we think it’s our duty.

But lads, swallow your pride and leave it to the professionals.