Left-wing spin on stories is more sinister and invidious

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CLIVE SMITH: I thought they’d finally got the date right and we’d reached Armageddon

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It was one of those headlines which made me do a double-take at the calendar.

‘Labour turns on BBC over “pro-coalition coverage”’ it trumpeted. Surely, it had to be April 1?

But no, this was a genuine complaint from a party which has enjoyed sympathetic (bordering on sycophantic) coverage from the Corporation’s left-leaning newsrooms for the past 15 years.

Apparently, party officials have reached the conclusion that the Alliance representatives get twice as much air-time as their opposition counterparts.

What is impossible to quantify is the amount of blatant left-wing spin applied to so many important news stories emanating from the BBC.

That is altogether a more sinister and invidious practice.