Little Chef makes me think of weak tea and lukewarm chips

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I’m afraid it comes as no great surprise to me that, despite Heston Blumenthal trying to jazz up the menu, Little Chef is to shut 67 of its 162 roadside eateries.

Like many others, I’ve had cause to stop at the familiar sign of the tubby chef holding the plate aloft when I’ve been en route somewhere and found myself in need of a break and some sustenance.

Although I admit I never got to try any of Heston’s fancy Little Chef dishes, such as braised ox cheeks, whenever I think of Little Chef I tend to think of weak tea and lukewarm chips.

But it’s still sad to hear that 500-600 jobs are expected to go at Little Chef’s loss-making restaurants.

That’s more bad news for people who are already struggling in these tough economic times.