Looking forward to excited kids and sparkly wands

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So that’s it then? After all we’ve been through together, we’re finished?

It was just a summer fling.You stole my heart, but now the flame has gone out – literally.

Who would have thought that the Olympics and Paralympics would have had such an impact on my life? Now I can never go back and nothing will ever be quite the same again.

Who would have believed that I would develop a crush on a man with sideburns called Wiggins, or that a horse could be dressed up and do a jig to Footloose?

Who needs dancing dogs? Britain has got talent, real gold medal talent. And with Rio four years away, there’s plenty of time to mend my broken heart.

On a different note, there’s something about this time of year that I really do enjoy. The nights are drawing in and the children have gone back to school.

I always loved going back after the summer holidays. In those days the break seemed or felt a lot longer than it does now.

There was the whole thing of catching up with your mates about what they’d been doing over the holidays, a fresh new term ahead and, most importantly, a new school uniform and stationery!

Now those days have long since passed, the season is marked for me by seeing shops packing away their summer stock and the shelves being refilled with knitwear, winter coats and fur boots.

It’s also nice to cosy up on the sofa in front of the fire with a glass of red,a tube of pringles and that sexy Simon Cowell and The X Factor.

I’m also feeling the buzz and excitement of the autumn season of shows kicking off at the Kings Theatre in Southsea, all taking us closer to Christmas.

At the Song and Dance season opener, the best of Portsmouth’s local and professional talent came together (complete with The News’ Instant Star winner) to raise money for very worthy charities.

I spent a fantastic evening running about with books of raffle tickets,chatting 20 to the dozen.I’m now also on panto countdown and can’t wait until Snow White and her little friends arrive and the aisles are filled with excited children,sparkly wands and flashing swords. Bliss.