Lou: Photo showed me that I shouldn’t be so quick to tease

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RICK JACKSON: Orange skies, pungent pongs and trumpets from heaven – what a world!

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In 2015 you could be the proud owner of a pin-up calendar full of the country’s most boring men.

There’s a traffic cone collector, a bottle top enthusiast, a drain spotter and even a man who photographs post boxes!

I considered suggesting Jez for 2016, because he’s obsessed with planes.

He has an app on his phone which tells him all about any plane overhead.

He’s even been known to fall off his bike because he couldn’t resist looking up to see what sort of plane he could hear.

But after laughing about Jez’s love of planes and those other boring blokes, I suddenly remembered a photo my boyfriend took of me in front of one of those golden Olympic post boxes.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to tease!