Machine was jammed by Molly the trolley

The Post Office in Slindon Street, Portsmouth.

The Post Office in Slindon Street, Portsmouth.

Bruno Mars

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Apparently, every 10 years you have to renew your driver’s licence photo. Well, I didn’t know that.

As I toddled up to Slindon Street Post Office counter in Portsmouth, my cheery greeting was met with: ‘Have you got a ticket?’

They now have a ticket system. It’s like waiting to be served at the supermarket delicatessen department, dear.

Anyway, off to the photo booth where the automated lens equipment facing me was about two feet above my head.

How hi-tech. As it was being lowered from behind the counter, it stopped and jammed about six inches above my head. Not so hi-tech, I thought.

A rather frustrated counters person couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t work. Then, I noticed ‘Molly’ standing underneath. Molly the trolley, my shopping wheelie bag, had jammed the machinery. Oops.

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