Make Santa’s a pint of real ale

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One of the hot topics in the Bunker residence this week was what snack does Father Christmas like best on his round?

We’ve even gone as far as researching the subject online and, depending on where Santa is visiting in the world, he can expect all manner of treats.

In some parts of Scandinavia, it’s tradition to leave the old boy some lovely pickled fish.

In Germany on Nikolaustag, he likes to receive a boot, or an old shoe.

Not quite sure how he likes that served.

With potatoes?

Western culture traditionally welcomes our ruddy friend with a nice glass of milk and biscuits plus a selection of fresh carrots for the hard-working reindeer.

My daughter Molly has been politely informed about the main man’s rider this year.

He’d like a chicken balti and saag aloo, washed down with a lovely malty locally-brewed bitter (not too dark, plays with his pipes).