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Hi folks, oom- pahpah roly-poly rump here , and I’d like to talk to you about being ‘fat blind’.

No not me, I know I’m a wide beam dear, but the high percentage of obese Brit babes and boys.

According to WeightWatchers we are becoming a nation with ‘fat blindness’, in total denial of how obese we are becoming.

The trigger to lose weight used to be just over 12 stone (1989). Now it’s 13 stone and 10lb before we look into the mirror or see a photo of ourselves and, shock horror, decide we’re getting rather rotund.

Remember a few weeks ago when Miss James wrote about Channel 4’s Secret Eaters, who maintained they only ate about 2,000 calories a day.

Hidden cameras revealed they were eating over 4,000 calories per day.

Why do we kid ourselves about what we eat?

Oh yes, we eat our five a day fruit and veg, but oops, we forget about all the snacks we eat.

According to the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre, 65 per cent of men and 58 per cent of women in the UK are now classed as overweight or obese.

We tend to judge ourselves by how others around us look.

So the more people who are obese the more ‘ normal’ it seems. And there you have ‘fat blindness’.

So we ignore our ever- growing girth.

Folks, excess weight can be a danger to your health.

I know.

When my darling dad was dying I put on another two stone and developed type 2 diabetes.

Get on those scales now!

And now over to the Divine Double D Dumplings.

Well ladies, does your armpit flab spill over your bra’s sides, and is the front too small leaving you in ‘double boob’ mode?

Then you are one of the 80 per cent of the UK’s female population who’s wearing the wrong-sized bra.

Online or in some underwear departments you can get your correct bra size.

So off you go to purchase the correct-sized bra.

Except bra sizes vary from different manufactures and different styles – plunge, balconette, sports etc.

Huh! I’ve got bras of all different sizes that fit. So how does that work, eh ?