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Being a cast member in this year’s pantomime at the Kings Theatre in Southsea has me doing lots of things I’ve never done before, such as learning not only the words but also dance moves to the famous Abba song Waterloo.

Having heard the song probably hundreds of times I thought I knew all the words, but it became apparent very quickly that I didn’t.

I’m also having to wear a pair of white tights – I can see where they got their name from.

But the thing I’m finding the most strange is having to wear make-up. A few weeks ago if you’d asked me what blusher was, I would have said it was something you do when someone pays you a compliment.

I’m getting used to covering my face in the stuff that, according to the label, brings my natural beauty to the forefront and hides my blemishes.

But what I can’t get used to is putting on eyeliner. And why does my mouth open by itself when I’m applying it?

But not to worry, my daughter Caitlin has offered to help and I think I may take up her offer.