Maybe I should have taught him how to use the brakes

Steve's baby daughter made amazing progress this week, or so his wife thought

STEVE CANAVAN: It was a lot of rattle over just a little roll

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The stabilisers are off – that’s the big headline from our house.

Just before Jack’s fourth birthday, I made the decision to whip them off and see how independence would suit him.

After a few gravitational issues, he got to grips with balancing, pedalling and steering and before we knew it he was powering off into the distance.

When I say distance I mean exactly that.

I could just about make him out on the horizon as he stopped pedalling and slumped to one side.

Wheezing away, he said he didn’t know how to bring the bike to a stop.

My wife said I should probably have taught him how to use the brakes before helping him master two wheels.

Men and women’s brain’s work very differently.