Maybe there is a silver lining to horse meat scandal

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It’s the story that just won’t go away. 
 And if anything the horse meat scandal looks like it’s just going to keep on growing.

There are still, obviously, many, many questions that are unanswered. But one thing’s for sure – it’s in the food chain and has been for a while.

And, inevitably, that’s going to have an effect on how people buy their meat.

Which is why it’s reassuring to read in The News today that the high street butcher is benefitting.

The question marks over pre-made meat products seem to be driving more and more people back into the high street – and long may that continue.

Butcher Paul Cripps said his store had been busy and had even nearly sold out of burgers.

And fellow butcher Kevin King said trade’s gone up 20 per cent since the scandal broke.

It’s great to see, even if it has come about in unfortunate circumstances.

Hopefully other small, independent stores will see some of the extra shoppers popping in to spend some money with them too.

But in the big picture, maybe there’s a lesson in it for all of us.

Everyone could take a little more time to think about where the food they’re eating is coming from, and not just blindly buy whatever’s on the nearest shelf.

And don’t forget your high street.

Even in 2013, most still have a butcher and a greengrocer. So use them.

There’s a person in those shops you can talk to and ask where the food comes from.

So let’s find the positive in this and make sure our high streets reap the rewards.