Me and the kids are having a bit of a New Romantic revival

Mo Farrah after missing out on a gold medal
				 Picture: Adam Davy

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Hooray for moments in time when you can relive your youth. My children have, amazingly, got into Duran Duran and we’re (much to my husband’s revulsion) having a bit of a New Romantic revival in the Compton kitchen.

It’s taken me back to the heyday of Simon Le Bon, the excitement of his yachting antics and – if my memory serves me correctly, which often it doesn’t – his boat’s appearance in Portsmouth Harbour.

All the girls were twittering on the ferry about potential SLB sightings.

Next I’ll be digging out my Wham CDs and then maybe we’ll have some Haircut 100 and then...

Oh yikes, I’m turning into an embarrassment, living in another decade than the one we’re currently inhabiting.