Memory loss not quite so funny

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Folks, I found it hilarious 30 odd years ago, when, because of the same packaging I put Preparation H on my gums, and Bonjela on my haemorrhoids.

My gums didn’t shrink but boy, did the old ‘heaps’ sting!

Now, as an OAP, with my mother diagnosed with dementia, and seeing how it destroys life, I wouldn’t find my confused state so funny.

But is dementia hereditary? (more info on dementia go to ).

All I know is the vile tentacles of dementia reach out, robbing your loved ones of their minds, leaving them in a confused, child-like state.

To raise awareness and funds, on Saturday, September 14, the Alzheimer’s Society’s Memory Walk’ leaves from Castle Field.

To register, visit
Portsmouth or call 0845 306 0890.