Men do suffer from abuse

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Fans of ITV’s Corrie may be either riveted or revolted by the street’s latest storyline - domestic violence on a man.

Coronation Street characters mechanic Tyrone and ex-cop Kirsty live together with their new baby, Ruby.

To the outside world, a happy young family. But behind closed doors, if mild-mannered Tyrone disobeys control freak Kirsty, she batters seven bells out of him.

Disturbing and distressing viewing and, to some, unbelievable.

What real man would allow a woman to violently verbally and physically abuse him?

Well according to website, 1 in 6 men in the UK will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime.

Fellas, I’ve been there. There is life after an abusive relationship. Go to the mankind helpline on 01823 334244 and tell someone.

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