Moyles going means I’ll be switching to commercial

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Come September, Chris Moyles will be leaving the breakfast show on Radio 1 – and I’m gutted.

He’s the last person left that I like on Radio 1. And yes, I know I’m way above the age demographic of the station and I shouldn’t be listening any more, but I can’t help it. He’s made me laugh every morning for the past eight years.

But that’s the problem. He gets all of us old crusties listening rather than the young demographic that Radio 1 is supposed to be appealing to.

Once he’s gone, that’ll be Radio 1 days over for me. This is sad, as Radio 1 is a time travel link to my youth, when I used to tune in for the ever-so-important chart countdown on a Sunday night, my cassette recorder pressed up to the speaker to capture my favourite songs on tape (pirating was very primitive in those days).

Radio 1 – and my continued listening – has connected me to the kid that I was, through teenage years and into my 20s, 30s and early 40s.

But when Chris leaves, that’ll be it. I can’t stand the too-obvious humour or a good proportion of the endlessly-repeated dross which is played on a cycle for the rest of the day.

And, actually, I’m not sure that my teenager is that bothered either. All my kids find Chris Moyles and his cohorts funny, but the rest of the presenters – especially in the afternoon before tea – leave them as cold as they leave me.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe Radio 1 will revive itself and pull its younger audience appeal out of the hat. But I very much hope that the station doesn’t mistake the dropping of a ‘t’ in words for appealing to younger audiences.

The teenagers that I know are much, much more sophisticated than that. They are engaged by wit and humour with an edge, exactly what Chris Moyles and the team had. A bit of room for silliness, lots of room for friendships and some wee-inducing hilariousness (Toby Lerone – need I say more?)

And what is wrong with being an older listener anyway? Radio 1 is going to lose a massive proportion of its breakfast audience and where will we go? Not to Radio 2 or 3. Yep, I reckon we’ll be going commercial.