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Hello there, we’re your new columnists Jez Clark and Lou Nash from The Breeze breakfast show.

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Now as you’ve probably noticed, the World Cup has completely dominated the news for the past couple of weeks.

Millions of people have been glued to their TVs following the action. But some people, Lou included, are quite happy it’s all over for England!

Jez says: So the England World Cup dream may be over, but I’m pleased to report that during England’s week at the World Cup several houses in the close where I live were proudly displaying their England flags.

When it comes to flags though, there is a limit. Apparently if you put them on your car your fuel consumption will go up because of the increased drag.

I’m not tight but I do like to get value for money, so my flag was safely on my garage.

My family and I loved getting behind the England football team. My wife painted a cross of St George on to mine and the children’s faces and they wore their mini England kits.

Four years ago my daughter Erin was only three and I remember her cheering when Germany scored against England.

I think she got slightly confused!

This time she asked if she could go to bed whilst we were all watching the England v Italy game.

With hindsight I think she had the right idea!

Lou says: Thank God that’s over. The World Cup was absolutely everywhere: the pub, the office, even the blooming supermarket.

Personally I’m not a footie fan anyway so this football overload was a bit much for me, to the extent that I spent the last week camping in a field to get away from it all.

Jez can’t understand why I didn’t get excited, but I’m just not the slightest bit interested in sitting in front of the TV watching a load of overgrown boys running around. When’s the next series of Downton Abbey coming out?