My nan’s 80th birthday made me realise what’s important

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				 Picture: Adam Davy

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It was my nan’s 80th birthday at the weekend and the whole family went out to celebrate. But for the poor staff working at the Harbour Lights in Portsmouth, it wasn’t a celebration.

More than 40 of my family (and remember I am called Gobby Gibbs, so imagine the rest of them) traipsed into the restaurant.

Call me sentimental, but I really think that it’s times like this that make you realise what life’s all about.

We all get caught up in our own little worlds and worry about things that really aren’t that important.

But when I looked at my nan, a strong woman who has seen it all, I thought that sometimes we do need to have a reality check on what’s important. In the end, it always comes down to the family.