News that Beyonce’s having a baby has got me so excited

AUDREY HEPBURN As she was in 1956       Picture: Bud Fraker/Wikipedia

Audrey Hepburn - a REAL star

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Babies are dominating things this week, so apologies if you’re not a hugely maternal reader.

But I was delighted to learn of Beyonce’s news this week – she’s expecting! Aaawww.

Now I was chuffed about this for two reasons. Not just because Beyonce is brill, but daddy is none other than the world’s biggest R ’n’ B/hip hop star, Jay Z.

Can you imagine the baby shower? The celebs, the presents, the speculation over the baby’s sex, the names. I’m so excited.

And what about the bubber inheriting mum and dad’s singing genes?

Talking of babies, there’s been a new addition to my family – my sister-in-law has given birth to a baby girl.

As if the clan isn’t big enough already! Congratulations Luke and Naomi.

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