Newton’s law of ageing – it’s magic

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Oh my folks, did my leeettle grey cells let me down (again) on Tuesday.

I was looking forward to attending The Solent Speakers that evening, with guest speaker Paul Newton, at Lysses House, Fareham.

The previous day I’d silver-surfed Paul Newton.

I knew the subject was about the mind and it’s capabilities, a subject that fascinates me.

So when I found Paul Newton chiropractor/mind, body and spirit, I thought, yes, this is the chap.

I was very excited because he was talking about pain in the neck and spine, and the research into emotional stress being the root cause.

Sooo interesting.

Oh yes, and in his photograph he looked a yummy bit of eye candy, darling.

But Paul Newton turned out to be an entertaining magician.

Oops. I got my men mixed up...yet again.

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