No grey hair yet, but strands are growing out of my ears

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LESLEY KEATING: It’s your day, why should pint-sized guests spoil it?

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I was speechless when my hairdresser whispered in my ear ‘would you like me to do your eyebrows?’

Surely this is something you’re only asked when you get older? Then again, I have just turned 40.

Do I really need them done? Panic-stricken, I looked closely at myself in the mirror.

No grey hair, not receding and my eyebrows, I’m happy to report, have a non-bushy appearance.

So I’m some way off turning into Denis Healey. But then I noticed the strands of hair growing out of my ears. It’s started. What next, bushy nose hair?

As I believe we should all have pride in our appearance. I may now try eyebrow threading!