No handbag dogs or cockerpoos?

Southsea is full of Shih Tzus, says Heather
Southsea is full of Shih Tzus, says Heather
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Not a Shih Tzu in sight, dear. It doesn’t make it into the Kennel Club’s doggy Top Ten list.

I was surprised to see that number one preferred pedigree pooch is the ‘loo roll luvvie’, the labrador retriever.

Over the years the toilet roll advert that features the cutie labrador puppy must have notched up millions of ‘aahs’ and added to the popularity of the breed.

Other dogs on the list included spaniels, German shepherds and terriers – all very conventional.

I suppose I thought that the list would include Shih Tzus (Southsea is full of them), or some of the new mixed breeds such as the cockerpoo (cocker spaniel/poodle), labradoodle (labrador/poodle), or even some of the miniature ‘handbag’ dogs made popular by celebrities.

Someone needs to tell these birdbrained, vacuous females that dogs, unlike their Chanel handbags, are not accessories, but living, breathing little animals.

Britain has always been reputed as a nation of dog-lovers. But if you spoke to Carol Plumbly, head kennel assistant, at Portsmouth City Council’s dog kennels, you’d hear a different story.

Over the past five years I’ve interviewed Carol about her work, the dumped dogs of Pompey and some of the stories are heartbreaking.

I spoke to Carol this week to find out how this year was going. Well, abandoned dogs are up, but then so is the number going through the kennel’s rehoming service.

Carol and her team do a fantastic job finding new homes for dogs that have been neglected, or just dumped in the street by their callous owners.

But they also microchip pets, cats, dogs, rabbits, and ferrets (yes ferrets) for just £11.

They also need more ‘silver walkers’, retired golden oldies who would volunteer to walk a dog and enjoy the exercise as well.

I make no apologies folks, begging bowl out. If you’ve got any unwanted blankets, towels, or suitable doggy bedding, please phone (023) 9266 2228 to donate or rehome a dog.